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Why Tax Representation is Crucial

Updated: Nov 3, 2022



Mainly it is a random selection through IRS officials through System screening and also IRS will audit your tax return based on the transactions made in previous years. If an individual’s return has already been audited in any previous year based on the past case, IRS can examine your tax return again in a belief that the person may have unfiled tax returns or included any inappropriate tax deductions or claims of the credits as in claiming higher deductions made for charities, medical expenses and more.

IRS officials also send you correspondence to verify your identity and secure your social security details from the scammers.

The international department will generally contact you by mail or In-person in case of business. If IRS sends you an Audit through the mail than you need to revert to them with the information requested and the additional documents as well.

If you disagree with the letter or the notice from the IRS in that case you can defend your case by sending requires supporting document, If you agree with the changes made by examination department conducted on your tax return you can sign in the form included in the notice or examinations report.

And mostly the audit gets closed in department based on the information provided or the complexity of the case on point of agreement or disagreement between the IRS department and the taxpayers.

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