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About Us

TAX O has a lot to offer.
What exactly is Tax O?

We are a firm that works hard to do the right thing for our Clients, and Indian individuals working in the United States. Learn about our company's mission, goals, and much more.

Our Tax O firm is always developing.

Tax O holds the opinion that taxes have a real impact on people's lives and are more than just abstract figures on paper. This fundamental idea still serves as our guiding principle as we continue to serve our clients.

Tax O Consulting, is a full-service tax consulting firm that provides Tax- preparation, filing, audit, payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, business tax filing and advising. We have provided services to a broad range of clients, including both individuals, small and medium-sized organizations.

We are aware of the challenges that clients confront, over tax terminologies, drafting thorough a financial statement, setting up a line of credit, being your representative at a tax audit and working with qualified professionals like EA'S and CPAs.

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Tax Filing
A Hassle Free Experience

Why are we Different from others?


Tax O is always adapting how we work and approach market difficulties in order to continue delivering meaningful, long-term outcomes for our clients.

A significant tale

We think that our worth is only as great as the best we perform.

The genuine measure of Tax O that impacts on our clients through the service we provide is much more essential than the numbers that represent the years of existence. Good isn't good enough for us, we strive to be the best at all we do to help clients and make a positive influence towards them. This motivation inspires the dedication that pervade our every activity.

Our ability to work together is what truly distinguishes us that is what actually sets Tax O apart from the competition not the size of our organization and location, but services we provide.

Our Aims and Principles

The Tax O consulting philosophy is outlined in the main principles that follow, these statements explain how we do business and what matters to our experts. We also think that by working to achieve the objectives outlined below, we are effectively fulfilling our purpose of offering superior customer service.

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Our Principles

  • To offer the best tax counselling and advice on tax management services.

  • Being a company where working on client’s tax computations are pleasurable and fulfilling.

  • To provide our client's problems the greatest attention while maintaining complete confidentiality in order to gain their trust and respect.

  • To grow the business while maintaining the solid, enduring relationships with clients.

  • Maintain our ability to provide our clients with the services they need.

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Aims we have

  • Keep providing current clients with services of the finest quality and broaden the scope of those

  • Be ethical, honest, and fair in all commercial dealings.

  • Ensure that everyone on staff are highly motivated, developing professionally, and satisfied.

  • Continuous growth in both the number and caliber of clients.

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