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Terms and Conditions

Before using this website, please carefully read these terms of use:

By accessing this website, you accept these terms and conditions of use, all relevant laws, regulations, and the responsibility for conforming to any local laws that may be in force in your location. This website's contents are protected by relevant copyright and trademark laws. Tax O maintains the authority to change or revise these clauses at any moment and for any reason. For the most recent information, please check this page each time you visit this website.



Tax O Consulting  has served a wide range of clients, including individuals and small to medium-sized businesses, by providing tax return preparation, tax planning, tax compliance, accounting, bookkeeping,
business advisory, business incorporation, and payroll. Client’s concerns are taken seriously by TAX O,
and we give you the complete guarantee about the confidentiality and privacy for the information
provided to us. 

  • Cookies

Small text files known as cookies they are installed on your computer by websites to store data about you and your preferences. We track users movements through our website using cookies, which enables us to improve the site based on use information. Cookies do not store any personal identifying information that you provide to our website. Our access to the cookie expires whenever you exit your browser. You may decide whether to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers allow cookies by default, however you can often change your browser's settings so that you can refuse cookies if you prefer. The bulk of the information on our website will still be accessible to you if you decide not to accept the cookie.


  • Protection:

In compliance with applicable Indian law, we take all necessary precautions to secure any information you provide over our website. We undertake all necessary precautions to secure your personal identifying information while it is being transmitted from your computer to our website and to guard against loss, misuse, and unauthorized, disclosure, modification, or destruction. We utilize technology to protect your data, and we follow extensive security procedures to stop anyone from accessing it without authorization. You must take appropriate precautions to keep passwords, IDs, and other special access features secure whenever you use them on this site.

  • Data security & integrity:

TAX O has appropriate security policies and processes in place to protect  unauthorized loss, modification, or destruction of personal information. Yet, security cannot be completely ensured against all attacks despite TAXO's best efforts. To the best of our abilities, only those with a need to know have access to your personal information. Additionally, we try our best to just keep personal data for as long as it's required to fulfil a request from an individual or until that person requests its deletion.


  • Restrictions on trade secrets:

Tax O Process is required by law to maintain the privacy of taxpayer data. In compliance with applicable Indian law, we take all necessary precautions to secure any information you provide over our website online.

  • Protected by copyright:

Tax O retains all ownership rights to the content, animations, and overall layout of the website.

  • Notifications about modifications to our privacy statement

To help ensure you are always informed of the data we gather, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it with other companies, we will post details of any changes to our privacy policy on the website.
If you have any more questions, you may contact us by phone at 13027031212 or email at, and one of our Tax Experts will get in touch with you and offer advice on the different tax-saving strategies that are most appropriate for you.




  •  Whatever sum is contained in the Tax Summary, it is expressed in USD.

  •  Under no circumstances the entire amount will be reimbursed once the payment has been done and the client has uploaded the documents.

  •  A portion of the amount will be paid after consideration of our work till date.

  •  If any adjustments have been made to the return and they result in a smaller refund, the amount will be refunded in accordance with the adjustments.

  •  If you qualify for the referral bonus, it will either be deposited to your personal account after April 25.or the amount will be deducted during making the payment to Tax O while filing your taxes.

  • When requested, the Assess Summary does not contain FBAR charges.



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