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We support business organizations, established corporations, and independent entrepreneurs in starting new companies or branches in the USA. These requirements for your company are met by this service:

• Registering a business name with the State Corporation Commission or registering fictitious names
with the city/county
• Assisting clients to get their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
• Establishing accounts for state taxes, such as sales and use taxes and employee withholding
• Collecting details on professional, occupational, and specialized licenses
• Obtaining contact details for planning and business licenses’ in your area.
• Learn about the requirements for professional, vocational, and specialized licenses’

Once you have used your debit or credit card to pay our service fees through PayPal for the following,
we will start the registration process:

  • Preparing and submitting your new company's articles of incorporation; and reserving a company name; applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN); and registering your firm with other states.

  •  Certified copies of legal papers, such as articles of incorporation or certificates of formation for corporations and S-Corps…..

  • S-Corp Election Application Form 2553 Although we offer the aforementioned services at a very low cost, you may still be required to pay any fees levied by other organizations, including the State Corporation Commission (SCC) for legal filings, the city or county for business licensing and permitting, occupational or professional licensing, etc. on your end.For Consultation on the following topics, call us at 3027031199.

  • Choosing a business entity (LLC, LLP, S-Corp, or C-Corp)

  • Initial Formation costs and continuing filing fees levied by the selected state(s) once the business is created

  • Corporate Laws governing the State or States under consideration;

  • Commercial Licensing

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