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Services For Payroll Processing

Whether you have one person or a thousand, payroll is a crucial part of your business. However, handling your payroll effectively and confidently may be difficult. Due to inaccurate or tardy payroll tax payments, 35% of businesses registered with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) incur penalties. Tax O provides guaranteed correct payroll estimates for small and big enterprises, taking into account all federal, state, and local taxes. Along with hourly compensation, we also support a number of different payment options, such as direct salaries, commissions, bonuses, and general refunds. From time entry and cheque processing through tax payment and filing, our services are intended to make the payroll process simpler.

Here is a list of all of the payroll processing services we provide:
• Salary calculation using the Tax O payroll programme
• Submission of payroll statements to the IRS for payment of wages and taxes
• Print or email employee paychecks
• MIS/Reports for analysis and accounting
• Sending a copy of the year-end W2 statement to the customer and the IRS
• Assist with any state and federal payroll notices.
• Provide any required reports in the event of Workers' compensation, DOL, or other audits.
• Assist in the submission of data to health insurance providers and the filing of EEOC reports.
• Keep copies of the client's payroll registrations for an indefinite amount of time.
• Quarterly and annual tax filings
• Creating Form W2 and submitting to the IRS and/or States

To increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, generate cost savings, and increase your sense of
peace of mind, you should think about outsourcing payroll.

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