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Representation in Tax Audits

When a tax payer is being audited by the IRS or a state, Tax O offers audit defense services where our tax or legal professional supports and represents them. Along with helping our clients to prepare all the paperwork required by the taxation authorities and conducting communications with department on their behalf, we also construct the defense strategy for their case.

Frequently asked questions

Why was I chosen for an audit?
How am I constantly reminded to clear my audit?
How IRS is going to carry out my audit?
What all documents I have to provide?

How do I know if the IRS got my reply?
What if my response requires additional time?
How much back can IRS look when auditing my returns?
What rights do I have?
What happens once you accept with the audit's conclusions?
What happens if you don't agree with the audit's conclusions?

A full stop to all the questions. Feel free to reach us for any assistance we will be happy to assist you…

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