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Tax return preparation & planning


• Generating & Filing Form 1099 for Consultants/Independent Contractors;
• Preparing, Planning, Filing, and Representing S-Corporation Federal & State Tax Returns, Including
AMT and CAT Filing etc.
• Suggesting to your employees that they use our Corporate Program so that they may submit their tax
returns at a lower cost than they would with many other online filing services.
• As part of our corporate programme, we give your respected employees the following 10 value-added
tax planning, representation, and compliance services for free:
1. FREE advance tax planning services.
2. Free services for reviewing tax returns.
3. No cost tax representation services (for notices/audits) for current tax year
4. Cost-free ITIN processing (Form W7 for Spouse/Kids)
5. Free of charge FBAR & FATCA Processing (Mandatory per IRS)
6. Free local tax return preparing for Counties and Cities liable to tax
7. Free Extension Application (For Requesting Additional Time to File Tax Returns)
Free Managed Hosting Services 8. (If no US Address)
9. FREE Tax Expert Consultation on Issues Not Addressed Above with EA/CPA
10. FREE CAA Certification for ITIN-related uses (however, document mailing charges apply)
All of your business's needs and those of your employees may be met here!

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